edward maesen portrait I believe the main purpose in life is to become a transparency for our SoulSelf to express Itself creatively.

Since 1992 I aim to help others in their discovery, understanding and manifestation of their life's purpose, in their awakening and expansion of consciousness.

My approach is not through the mental realm with many words, but through the unspoken sensing realm of sound vibrational attunements.

Sound Ceremony as Celestial Initiation Through the ceremonial use of sound with acoustic instruments and my voice, I reflect the State of your True Being.

My songs aim to restore balance and harmony, revitalizing and reinforcing your connection to Self. Their sounds serve as a celestial initiation and a catalyst for healing and understanding.
In sound healing sessions I guide you on a shamanic healing sound journey with didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tongue drums, shamanic drum, sonic tuning tubes (for the 9 sacred solfeggio sound frequencies), voice, and silence.

Every journey is different, responding to and reflecting your state of Wholeness. So you may experience your Self in a state of Peace, Harmony, Order and Balance.
A shamanic healing sound journey assists you to
  • Connect deeply with your Self
  • Find more peace in your life
  • Develop greater self-awareness and presence
  • Slow down and enjoy life more
YouTube video with sound ceremony:
  • Beyond the story
    Beyond belief
    Dwells freedom
    People that are unaware that they create their perceived reality with their thoughts, fueled by their beliefs, amplified by their emotions, live in a state of apparent disconnect from their SoulSelf.
    To allow the SoulSelf to express Itself, one has to let go of all beliefs and all stories one made up about one's life.

    Contact Info

    If you have any questions about the services listed below or would like to schedule a sound session, please contact me
    by email at
    or call/text me at (747) 242–9749

    Services are offered in Mount Shasta, CA, USA.

    Summary of Services

    I offer Sound Healing Sessions and co-facilitate Spiritual Retreats:

    Sound Healing Sessions

    Edward in session In a “Sound Healing Session” you take a relaxed position either sitting or lying down. I play a variety of instruments, didgeridoo, frame drum, tongue drum, crystal bowl, tibetan bowl, chime and bell, and I sing soul songs. All sounds and songs are primal and improvised; a spontaneous in-the-moment response to your true beingness, a reflection of who you truly are. This allows you to re-align, attune with your SoulSelf and get increased clarity and sense of direction in your life.
    Sessions are typically ½ to 1½ hours, for 1 to 2 persons, and are offered by donation.

    For organizers of spiritual retreats in the Mount Shasta area: I can come to your location and give a Sound Healing session for small groups on site.

    Spiritual Retreats

    Mount Shasta Retreats by In Shared Oneness Together with Angelique Jan Pera (psycho-spiritual therapist) and Mary Saint-Marie (mystic artist/poet/sculptress, spiritual educator, and author) I offer spiritual retreats. Our retreats provide an opportunity, for an extended period of time, to leave behind the stress and distractions of your usual life and immerse yourself in a peaceful place within. You get the time and space to uncover, review, release and reformulate a new perspective on life, and fully manifest your personal empowerment and creative self-expression.
    The duration of our retreats is between 1 and 7 days, for individuals, couples, families and small groups. We occasionally organize public retreats but focus mostly on private retreats. For more information please visit

    The power is in the present moment
    and any thought or action we take now
    impacts all emanations of our SoulSelf,
    and through the holographic nature of existence
    impacts All That Is.


    The word "healing" is used in the context of "the natural process by which the body repairs itself".

    My services aim at restoring a natural balance through relaxation, and through the physics concept of resonance; (sound) vibrations produced in my sessions project a state of harmony, and a person listening will resonate in sympathy if (s)he is receptive to that.
    The resonance effect is enhanced by being in my physical presence.

    No claim is made nor implied that my services cure any physical, mental or emotional disease.