Edward Maesen
Mount Shasta, CA, USA.
edward maesen portrait


I'm available for short-term website development projects for individuals and small businesses in the Mount Shasta area.

I worked for 15+ years as website developer and architect at a subsidiary of Pearson Publishing and as principal software engineer and architect in a variety of web development teams at eBay and their subsidiary StubHub. As such I have ample experience with all aspects of website development but especially with the design of the user-facing aspects of a website — that which you see and interact with in a browser.

Design philosophy

My focus is on designing intuitive user interfaces that scale seamlessly from small mobile to large desktop dimensions and that perform well.
From a security point-of-view I avoid third-party code whenever possible, but when it is required for some functionality (like email newsletter subscription or ticket purchase) the code is only embedded when the user iniates the related work-flow.
I do not use WordPress or other similar frameworks that rely on a large variety of loosely related pre-fabricated building blocks that may or may not work well together. Instead I develop each website as a holistic integrated solution using the nimble but powerful Vue.js library. This way you get the most optimal, best performing web site.



Kagalakan.com (where you are now) is my personal website with custom photo and art galleries, embedded videos and smooth page and image transitions. The galleries have an option for full-screen display and slide-show of the gallery images. The audio section embeds videos from my YouTube channel. This is a "single-page-application" written in plain basic Javascript (no library or framework).


JeffersonCenterForTheArts.com is the website for Jefferson Center for the Arts in Mount Shasta. It has a custom event calendar and class schedule, and a variety of animations to make the browsing experience a bit more interesting. The event and class information is stored in separate data files —and the website updates automatically when any of the data is modified. The site further integrates an email newsletter subscription workflow (with MailChimp) and a ticket purchase workflow (with Eventbrite). Contact requests open a local email application to give the website visitor full transparency and control over what information (including optional attachments) is send to the Center's director.


DailyGlobalMeditation.com is a simple website with smooth page transitions and embedded videos; with the option to install locally as a web-app, and to set notification reminders for a daily meditation.


InSharedOneness.com is a simple static website with embedded videos, for the In Shared Oneness retreat center in Mount Shasta that I am a part of.