Mystical Fine Art Prints
Edward Maesen
Mount Shasta, CA, USA.
edward maesen portrait

Art Prints

This section of my website features digital artistic renditions of some of my photographs, together with entirely digital creations, organized in themed catalogs. Gallery-quality prints of any of these are available. Most prints are made available as a signed and numbered limited edition of 36 or 18, so you can be assured of exclusivity.

Each art work is printed by me personally and signed with pencil within the margin of the print; there's sufficient margin to allow for easy framing. All art works are printed with high-quality archival UltraChrome K3 Pigment inks on heavy acid-free Velvet Fine Art matte textured paper 260g/m2.

Art Purchase

Please visit my art store on to view a selection of the inventory of art prints for sale.

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To inquire about purchasing a signed gallery-quality print on archival paper (maximum size 17″×22″) for any item that is not listed on, please contact me by email at


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Artist Statement

After I had taken photos for many years, I felt an urge to create something more "artistic" with them, something beyond a mere capture of a moment in time. I started to merge photos from nature with photos from people, where the human faces or figures are sometimes only apparent on close inspection, as a secondary layer in the image. I created 24 of those images and called the series "Spirit of Nature".
photo of framed print
Additionally, I created a series of 27 digital designs based on crop circle geometry and called that series "Communiqué Galactique". I also made special print versions from a selection of my photographs.

The first print from the Spirit of Nature series is the only one that has an animal face in the background layer. A dog's face can be seen between the tops of the trees. It's a picture of my beloved little Bichon Frisee Louis who died at this mountain (Mt Shasta) and who is the reason that I moved up here: I had a profound firsthand spiritual experience that there is more than just this physical life. In this art series my aim is to show the merging of dimensions, the lifting of the veil.

Print Workflow

To read more about my editing and printing workflow and the tools thay I use, please continue here….