Edward Maesen
Mount Shasta, CA, USA.
edward maesen portrait

Subjects & Artistic Nudity

I photograph a variety of subjects, focusing on quietude and beauty.
Some of those subjects contain artistic nudity. As a visitor of this site you won't see that unless you click the “artistic nudity” toggle in the top-right corner of this page or within the “model” category page (and by doing so agree to have no objection viewing modest nudity).


Nobody can know for sure how someone else perceives colors. In my photography I do not attempt to render colors as I see them in real life. In fact, all my photos have a color treatment to slightly shift the colors from their natural appearance. That's my personal style and artistic license.

Skin (Im)Perfections

In the early days of my photography career I'd post-process my model images with the goal to remove any skin imperfections. I no longer do that. I love the texture of human skin, I love its imperfections.

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The photos are organized in series within categories. The four main categories are "model", "urban", "travel" and "nature". A photo series can belong to multiple categories. Selecting a category will display all primary photos within that category, each representing a specific subject with a series of photos. The number of images in a series is indicated in the top left corner of the primary image.
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Image Tags

All pictures are tagged; the tags are displayed underneath the images in the series view. Clicking on a tag will show a customized catalog with all primary images for the series that have that tag.

Signature & Spirituality

My signature in the bottom corner of my pictures, लीला, a Sanskrit word meaning “divine play”, reflects my spiritual world view. I facilitate spiritual retreats in Mount Shasta.

Online Presence

A selection of my model portfolio can be found on Model Society and Model Mayhem.

I post irregularly on Google+.

Let's Make Art!

Interested in a model art photo session? Contact me at

Print Purchase

The photographic images on this site are intentionally of sub-optimal quality and resolution. If you're interested in purchasing a high-resolution digital file (in “jpeg” format) or a gallery-quality print on archival paper (8.5″×11″, 13″×19″ or 17″×22″), contact me at

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