In a Nutshell

I am a Sound Healer, Sound Ceremonialist, Photographer and freelance Website Developer, with a Masters degree in Physics and a corporate background as technology developer for Philips Innovation Services and principal software engineer / architect for website development at eBay.

From my childhood I've had an awareness of the multi-dimensionality of my Being.

I provide sound vibrational services for healing and well-being in Mount Shasta, CA, USA.

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Edward Maesen
Mount Shasta, CA, USA.
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The name of my website, Kagalakan, is a Filipino word meaning ‘joy’, ‘excitement’, ‘rejoicing’.

Print Purchase

A selection of prints of my art creations are for sale in my store on Etsy.
Most other photos can be made available as fine art print by request, in sizes 9.75″×6.5″ to 19.5″×13″.

My Journey

I've had an international corporate career as physicist and software engineer. After living for nearly 20 years in hectic and busy San Francisco I moved to Mount Shasta, a quiet mountain village in Northern California. There I now provide healing services and co-facilitate spiritual retreats.

Coming from an artistic family, throughout my life I have found balance and a creative outlet in music, drawing, watercolor painting and photography. In my photography I look for the beauty, wonder and awe of nature and the human form. My art in general reflects a spiritual worldview, a notion of being one, an expression of an omnipresent consciousness. For my musical expressions I use instruments like didgeridoo and drum, and the most magical instrument of all: the voice.

My life is a demonstration of living in tune with —and following direction of— an Inner Knowing.

For an overview of my inner journey, please continue here….


I occasionally post videos on my YouTube Channel.